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We have big news for you regarding DHA Bahawalpur. DHA Bahawalpur is a significant housing project in the city. Every project depends upon its management. If management is doing good then the whole project will get into the limelight. So DHA Bahwalpar also got very professional management as a whole. Last Project Director Colonel Javed Akhtar did his best. He managed the whole project with his diligence & futuristic thought. Recently, Brigadier Basharat Ali has joined DHA Bahawalpur. So, Brigadier Bahsarat Ali is now the DHA Bahawalpur project director. He is a man of professionalism & quick decision-making. DHA Bahawalpur has become the best choice for investment & modern living style. Plot & Files Price has witnessed a good increase in the recent days. We share DHAILY DHA Bahawalpur Plot Files Price Update.
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Warm Welcome Brigadier Basharat Ali to DHA Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur Project Director Efforts & Plot Files Price

Plots rates depend upon the on-ground situation. For this, Last Project Director Colonel Javed Akhtar made big efforts. Since DHA Bahawalpur‘s on-ground situation is very satisfactory. Development Works are in progress. As a result, DHA has carpeted many of the main roads. Evidently, in some sectors possession is announced. In addition, Other sectors are in the queue to get possession. Therefore, plot & files prices are increasing day by day. For the latest plots & files price visit DAILY FILES RATES UPDATE.

DHA Bahawalpur Important Task for New Project Director

Maybe you have a plot file in DHA Bahawalpur as well. We have good news for you about the upcoming balloting. Soon balloting for newly issued plot files will be held. As already we shared a post regarding DHA Bahawalpur Balloting 2021.

DHA Bahawalpur at Social Media

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